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Who's Jasmin?

Jasmin Whitton is a professional newborn and portrait photographer in the Illawarra and Wollongong region of New South Wales.


She is a  full service boutique photographer who fully invest's her time and effort into her clients. She offer a large range of prints, canvases and other products to ensure your photographs are forever admired.

Jasmin started her photography journey from a young age, carrying a camera around with her everywhere she went. Throughout high school she studied photography, arts and multimedia to learn everything she could. In 2011, she studied film photography in tafe which is where she really got an in depth knowledge about cameras and how they work, it taught her how to capture the perfect image in one shot.


In 2013, Jasmin opened the business mainly focusing on families and children. She soon began specializing in newborns as this is where she could fully use her creative abilities. Throughout the years she has donated time and vouchers to the community to help charities fundraise and those in need. In 2015, she began incorporating maternity into her portfolio in which she could extend her creativity.


In 2017, Jasmin started shooting boudoir as a way for women and men to come and build their confidence up as well as feel amazing about themselves. She loved seeing how happy her clients became after the session and how they felt once they saw those magical images. She also teamed up with PayRight to offer her clients a safe payment plan system. This year was the start of her Local Business Awards Finalist Awards.

In  2018, Jasmin continued photographing boudoir in her studio as well as her usual newborn and maternity sessions. She received a finalist award in the Local Business Awards for the second year in a row. She also received 3 bronze awards from the Rise Awards. Jasmin's clients started coming from interstate for photo shoots. 

In 2019, Jasmin was continuing her passion for boudoir and portrait photography, and started collaborating with local businesses to create some wonderful and some hilarious photos. Jasmin also made the decision to split the boudoir section from her business to a secondary business called Beauty and the Boudoir Photography. She has received positive feedback with the secondary business and spent her spare time building up the boudoir photography business. She also received a finalist award to the Local Business Awards.

In 2020, Jasmin closed the business in January due to the South Coast fires for the safety of her clients, during this time, Jasmin focused more on her boudoir business as well as helping out in the community when possible. In February, the Studio was flooded which held back Jasmin from opening for photo shoots but once she cleaned and got the studio back up and running, she received so much love and support from everyone. Jasmin finally opened for 2 weeks before having to close down due to Covid-19 to keep her clients and family safe during the pandemic. After the tragic start of the year for Jasmin, she went above and beyond to help out local businesses, people in the community and even sending products that she bought from small businesses to her social media followers.


In 2021, Jasmin spent the beginning of the year looking after her grandfather who was transitioning into a nursing home at the age of 99. She spent most of her time in Newcastle, getting her grandfathers home ready to sell so she spent some time off from her business and as she was ready to take on bookings, the Delta variant caused her business and area to lock down. While she was forced to close her doors momentarily, she spent her time reorganizing the studio and started a marketing course.

Jasmin plans on doing so much more this year to help others to recover from this crazy year.

Make sure to follow Jasmin Whitton Photography and Beauty and the Boudoir Photography on both Facebook and Instagram for updates and competitions!

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